Welcome to Fox Haven

Fox Haven provides an atmosphere that allows people to slow down, reflect and learn to hear their inner voice, each other and the voice of the land. It provides a safe space and a peaceful haven for deep conversations, transformative workshops, meaningful meetings, and strategic planning sessions.


To learn more about Fox Haven and what makes our place so special, read more in our about page.


To fully experience Fox Haven, one must come stay. We have several structures available for rent. We also offer a variety of retreat options.


We offer a wide variety of both adult and childhood education opportunities year round. Check our event page to see upcoming events and classes.

Featured Events

  • Sunday - Mindful Movement and Meditation - Resiliency
  • Healthy Soils Workshop
  • Mindful Meditation and Movement: Real Love 3/4
  • Fire and Frost : March 6th - April 10th - Tuesday’s only
  • Mindfulness in Nature Winter Series for 6-10 yrs
  • Mindfulness in Nature Series for the Young Child: 3/7 Drop In
  • Landscape for Life
  • Youth Foraging Series: Black Locust Bean Shakers
  • Fox Haven Food and Medicine Foragers : Tender Tinctures and Nibbles - March 10th